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Commodity group code: 1901 (malt extract food preparations of flour, meal, starch or malt extract, limited c ...)
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Commodity group code: 3212 (pigments dispersed in nonaqueous media, in liquid or paste form, for paint manuf ...)

Transfer regulation 2018

    Companies by commodity group code

05 - Products of animal origin, nesoi
05   Products of animal origin, nesoi (75 companies)
0501   Human hair, unworked, whether or not washed or scoured, waste of human hair (4 companies)
0502   Pigs, hogs or boars bristles and hair, badger hair and other brush making hair, waste of such bristles or hair (0 companies)
0504   Animal (not fish) guts, bladders, stomachs & parts sausage (30 companies)
0505   Bird skins & other feathered parts and down (10 companies)
0506   Bones & horn-cores, unworked etc powder & waste (0 companies)
0507   Ivory, tortoise-shell, whalebone and whalebone hair, horns,antlers, hooves, nails, claws and beaks, unworked or simply prepared but not cut to shape; powder and waste of these products (0 companies)
0508   Corals and analogous materials, crude or after primary treatmenti; turtlets and mussel and crestaceous shells (1 company)
0509   Natural sponges of animal origin (0 companies)
0510   Ambergris, castoreum, civet & musk, cantharides, bileglands & other animal products for pharmaceutical (3 companies)
0511   Other animal products dead animals, inedible blood, semen, glue stock, cattle embryos (33 companies)