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Commodity group code: 8477 (machinery for working rubber or plastics, parts thereof injection-molding, extru ...)
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Commodity group code: 8457 (machining centers, unit construction machines for working metal)
    Companies by commodity group code

30 - Pharmaceutical products
30   Pharmaceutical products (616 companies)
3001   Glands and other organs, dried, and their extracts etc. for therapeutic etc. use heparin and salts human etc. substances for therapeutics etc. nesoi (21 companies)
3002   Human and animal blood, prepared antisera other blood frctns med immunological prod vaccines, txns, cultures of micro-organisms(no yeast)& like prod (288 companies)
3003   Medicaments (except vaccines etc., bandages or pharmaceuticals), consisting of mixtures for therapeutic etc. uses, not in dosage or retail sale form (44 companies)
3004   Medicaments (except vaccines etc., bandages or pharmaceuticals), of products (mixed or not) for therapeutic etc. uses, in dosage or retail sale form (335 companies)
3005   Bandages and similar articles, impregnated or coated with pharmaceuticals or put up for retail sale for medical, surgical, dental or veterinary uses (120 companies)
3006   Pharmaceutical goods of specified in note 4 (155 companies)