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Number of companies in DB - 12390
Forms filled for last 7 days - 0
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vul. Soborna 446, m. Rivne
office@trianex.com.ua, yanabasiuk@trianex.com.ua
Rating of exporters
Commodity group code: 7318 (screws, bolts, nuts, washers, rivets, cotter pins and similar, of iron or steel  ...)
Rating of importers
Commodity group code: 9027 (instruments & apparatus for..physical or chemical analysis polarimeters, refract ...)
    Companies by commodity group code

89 - Ships, boats and floating structures
89   Ships, boats and floating structures (164 companies)
8901   Vessels for the transport of persons or goods cruise ships, excursion boats, ferry boats, cargo ships, barges (44 companies)
8902   Fishing vessels factory ships & vessels for processing or preserving fishery products (6 companies)
8903   Yachts & vessels for..pleasure or sports row boats & canoes motorboats (79 companies)
8904   Tugs and pusher craft (20 companies)
8905   Light-vessels, fire-floats, dredgers, floating cranes floating docks, floating or submersible platforms (28 companies)
8906   Water vessels (not 8901-8905) warships, lifeboats (14 companies)
8907   Floating structures (not 8905) rafts, tanks, buoys, cofferdams, landing-stages, beacons (20 companies)
8908   Ships and vessels to be scrapped (3 companies)