DB Statistics
Number of companies in DB - 10494
Forms filled for last 7 days - 0
Last form filled:
vul. Myronova 7A, m. Dnipro
(056)3778257 2340110 2340112
info@klasterchem.com, sales@klasterchem.com
Rating of exporters
Commodity group code: 9026 (instruments & apparatus for..measuring/checking liquid/gases..flow, level pressu ...)
Rating of importers
Commodity group code: 8443 (printing machinery machines for ancillary uses to printing parts thereof (not 84 ...)
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In order to proceed with the monthly CD Catalog update you need:

  1. To register on the CD (as a catalog user):
    • Insert the registration key (it is specified on the CD’s envelope)
    • Go through the registration process (fill in the form)
  2. To download the update:
    • Click on the “On-line” button in the CD’s main menu and choose “Database update” option.

During the startup the reindexing and updating processes will be launched, which can lead to a continuous pause.

After you restart the program you will be able to see the date of the last update at the bottom of the screen, indicating that the update was successful.