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21 april 2011

Investment in the fixed capital

For 9 months of 2010 enterprises and organizations of all ownership types used UAH 103.3 bln. of capital investments.

The biggest share of capital investment (96.0% of the total volume) is channelled to material assets. Investment in the fixed capital (in capital construction, machinery and equipment) reached 81.2% of the total volume, improvement of facilities (full repair) made up 9.0%. Non-material assets received 4.0% of the total capital investment.

For 9 months of 2010, investment in the fixed capital used by the Ukrainian enterprises and organizations decreased by 2.9% compared to 9 months of 2009.

A significant share (37.3%) of capital investment is channelled to development of industrial enterprises. Compared to the relevant period of 2009, investment in industry decreased by 11.0%, including the woodworking industry – by 13.1%, extracting industry – by 0.8%, electricity, gas and water production– by 19.0%.

Investment in businesses handling transactions with real estate, rent, engineering (21.9% of the total volume), transportation and communications (16.9%), trade, repair of cars, household goods, and personal demand items (6.7%) remained significant.

For 9 months of 2010, capital contribution in residential construction exceeded UAH 16.3 bln., which was 41.5% higher than in the respective period last year. Their share in the total investment in fixed capital is 19.4%.

Direct foreign investment

For 9 months of 2010, foreign investors contributed directly USD 3,423.2 in the Ukrainian economy. 74.6% of the total volume was invested by the EU states and 14.4% - by the CIS states. At the same time, non-residents withdrew the capital of USD 628.1 mln.

In January-September 2010, net foreign capital augmentation reached USD 2,546.7 mln., which was 14.3% lower than capital augmentation in January-September 2009.

Total volume of direct foreign investment which was channelled to Ukraine since 2010 increased by 6.4% and reached USD 4,2511.9 million on 01 October 2010. The data show USD 926.7 of direct foreign investment per Ukrainian citizen.

Within 9 months of 2010, 124 countries channelled their investment to Ukraine. Top ten states whose contributions form more than 82% of the total direct investment include Cyprus (22.5% of the total investment), Germany (16.5%), the Netherlands (9.6%), the Russian Federation (7.0%), Austria (6.3%), the UK (5.4%), France (4.1%), Sweden (4.1%), the British Virgin Islands (3.4%), the USA (2.9%).

Investors express a specific interest in financial companies that accumulated 33.2% of the total investment. Investment attractiveness is still the feature of companies involved in trading, repair of cars, personal demand items (10.7% of the total investment), transactions with real estate, rental, engineering, and delivery of services for entrepreneurs (10.5%).

Industrial enterprises accumulated 31.7% of the total investment (including processing enterprises – 28.3%, extracting enterprises – 2.6%). The most highly invested companies of the processing sector are metallurgical plants and producers of finished metal goods (13.3% of the total investment), food, beverage and tobacco producers (4.3%), chemical and petrochemical plants (2.8%), machine-building plants (2.7%), other non-metallic mineral producers (1.9%).