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21 april 2011

Industrial production sector

In December 2010, compared to the previous month and December 2009, the respective growth of industrial output reached 4.7% and 12.5%, and 11% in 2010. Product output increase was observed under key types of industrial activity.

Compared to 2009, the extractive industry output increased by 3.7%, including ferrous ore mining enterprises Ц by 14.8%. Black coal mining decreased (by 0.7%), and hydrocarbons mining fell down too (by 8.3%). In 2010, natural gas extraction reached 19.1 bn. m3, while crude oil extraction totalled 2.6 mln. t, and 78.2 mln. t of ore and non-sintered ore concentrate was extracted, 54.4 mln. t of finished coal was produced.

During 2010, production growth reached 13.5% in the processing industry.

Product output by food, beverage and tobacco production companies increased by 2.9%, including oil and fat production which grew by 6%, drinks production grew by 5 %, and the confectionary and meat output increased, respectively, by 3.9% and 6.3%. At the same time, vegetables and fruits processing and preservation decreased (by 6.1%), tobacco and dairy products output fell down (by 10.4% and 1.8%, respectively). In 2010, the following output levels were reached: sunflower oil - 2.9 mln. t, fruit and vegetable juice, nectars - 741 thous. t, natural preserved vegetables - 107 thous. t, preserved vegetables, fruits, nuts and mushrooms with vinegar Ц 39.3 thous. t, cognac Ц 3.4 mln. dal, vodka and other strong drinks Ц 42.4 mln. dal, beer - 310 mln. dal, soft drinks - 146 mln. dal, fresh and chilled veal and beef Ц 73.9 thous. t, fresh and chilled pork Ц 142 thous. t, fresh and chilled meat and poultry by-products - 670 thous. t, sausage products - 270 thous. t, liquid processed milk - 812 thous. t, butter Ц 79.2 thous. t, fatty cheese - 213 thous. t, fermented milk products - 477 thous. t, fresh non-fermented and fermented cheese Ц 77.8 thous. t.

In the consumer industry the output growth reached 7.8%, including in textile manufacture Ц 14.1%, production of clothes, fur and fur products Ц 4.3%, leather and leather products and other materials Ц 6.4%. In 2010, production output was as follows: 87.8 mln. m2 of textile, 68 mln. pairs of legwear, 3.1 mln. pieces of knit over-clothes, 24 mln. pairs of footwear.

In the wood-processing and woodwork manufacture the product output grew by 8.7%, in the cellulose and paper production and printing production it increased by 2.5%.

In 2010, coke and oil refined goods producers increased their output by 99.9%. During 2010, the following output was reached: coke Ц 18.6 mln. t, diesel fuel for motor and railway transport Ц 3.7 mln. t, motor petrol Ц 2.9 mln. t and heavy petcoke Ц 2.4 mln. t.

In chemical and petrochemical industry product output increased by 21.5%, including in pharmaceutical industry Ц by 31.4%, basic chemical industry Ц by 27.5%, soap and detergents, cleaning and polishing agents, cosmetics Ц by 8.6%, varnishes and paints Ц by 6%, rubber and plastic goods - by 8.4% and 8,7%, respectively. During 2010, the following output was reached: synthetic ammonia Ц 4.2 mln. t, mineral and chemical nitrogen fertilizers Ц 2.3 mln. t, sulphuric acid Ц 1.3 mln. t, soap and surface active organic products Ц 57.4 thous. t, as well as tyres Ц 5.4 mln.

Producers of other non-metal mineral products increased their output by 8%.

In 2010, metallurgical and finished metal goods production increased by 12.3%, including cast iron, steel and ferrous alloy production plants Ц by 10.5%, pipes Ц by 15.2%, other types of the steel primary treatment Ц by 25.8%, non-ferrous metals Ц by 3.5%, finished metal goods Ц by 17.8%. In 2010, iron casting reached 27.4 mln. t, production of continuous steel and semi-finished steel casting goods totalled 33.3 mln. t, production of finished steel goods reached 17.5 mln. t, ferrous metal pipes and hollow profiles production totalled 1.9 mln. t.

Machine-building plants increased their production by 34.5%, including production of the railway rolling stock Ц by 132.2%, agricultural and forestry machinery and equipment - by 66.4%, extractive industry and construction Ц by 37.8%, metallurgic machinery and equipment Ц by 33.9%, radio, TV and communications equipment Ц by 17.8%, electrical machinery and equipment Ц by 25.7%, monitoring instruments - by 12%, motor vehicles Ц by 25.7%. In 2010, production of agricultural and forestry tractors reached 4.8 thous., woodworking machines Ц 1.1 thousand, motor cars Ц 75.3 thousand, buses Ц 2.7 thous.

Electricity production and distribution grew by 9.5%. Totally, 188 bln. kW*h of electricity was produced, including by nuclear power plants Ц 89.2 bln. kW*h, heat power plants Ц 85.7 bln. kW*h.

Agricultural sector

By preliminary estimates, in 2010, compared to 2009, the index of agricultural production was 99.0%, including by agricultural enterprises Ц 99.2%, and by farm households Ц 98.9%.

Plant industry

In 2010, the index of plant cultivation products, compared to 2009, was 95.4%, including by agricultural enterprises Ц 93.3%, and by farm households Ц 97.1%.

In the harvest 2010, the agricultural crops were sown in the area of 26.9 mln. ha, including by agricultural enterprises Ц 19.0 mln. ha (70.6%), farm households Ц 7.9 mln. ha (29.4%). Compared to 2009, the total cultivated area decreased by 43.7 thous. ha (by 0.2%).

In 2010, farmsteads of all categories collected 39.2 mln. t of grain (weight after processing). Compared to 2009, grain production decreased by 14.8%, as a result of both reduced harvesting area (by 5.8%) and decreased yield capacity of cereal crops (by 9.7%).

Sunflower gross yield reached 6.8 mln. t (weight after processing), and compared to 2009, it increased by 6.4% (first of all, due to extension of yield areas by 7.9%), including by agricultural enterprises which harvested 5.6 mln. t (7.8% higher) with the average yield level of 15.4 c/ha (in 2009 Ц 15.7 c/ha).

The gross yield of sugar beet (industrial production) made up 13.7 mln. t, and compared to 2009, it increased by 36.0% (exclusively, due to extension of harvested areas, by 53.9%) with the average yield level of 278.3 c/ha (in 2009 Ц 314.9 c/ha), including agricultural enterprises which collected 12.6 mln. t (37.7% higher), in average 280.3 c/ha each (in 2009 Ц 320.2 c/ha).

Rape production reached 1.5 mln. t, which is 21.5% lower than the 2009 index (the yield area decreased by 14.9%, the yield level decreased by 8.1%). The amount of collected soybean reached 1,7 mln. t, which is 61.0% higher than in 2009 (the yield area increased by 66.6%, the yield level decreased by 3.6%).

Potatoes gross yield collected by farmsteads of all categories decreased by 4.9% (18.7 mln. t), compared to 2009; vegetable yield (8.1 mln. t) decreased by 2.6% as a result of decreased yield level, respectively, by 4.9% and 5.0%. Fruit and berry processing increased by 7.8%, grapes processing decreased by 13.0% and made up, respectively, 1.7 mln. t and 407.9 thous. t.

In 2010, farm households grew 97% of the total potatoes harvest, 88% of vegetables, 84% fruits and berries, 24% of grain, 18% of sunflower, and 8% of sugar beet.

Livestock farming

In 2010, the index of livestock production, compared to 2009, totalled 104.5%, including by agricultural enterprises Ц 108.8%, and by the farm households Ц by 101.3%.

In 2010, farmsteads of all categories sold out 2.9 mln. t of poultry and cattle (live weight) for slaughter, which was 6.7% higher than in 2009, 11.3 mln. t of milk (3.1% less) and 17.0 bln. pcs of eggs (6.6% more) were produced. Agricultural enterprises increased their sales of poultry and cattle (by 9.7%), and decreased milk production by 0.8%. Meat production by farm households increased by 3.7%, eggs Ц by 2.2%, and milk production decreased by 3.6%. In 2010, the share of farmsteads contributing to the total output of livestock products made up, respectively, 48%, 40% and 80%.

By estimates, as of January 01, 2011 the total cattle stock made up 4.7 million heads (1.8% less than in January 01, 2010), including cows Ц 2.7 mln. (2.2% lower), pigs Ц 8.0 mln. (6.1% higher), sheep and goat Ц 1.8 mln. (0.9% lower), all types of poultryЦ 202.1 mln. heads (5.6% higher).

Cattle stock grown by the population as of January 01, 2011, compared to early January 2010, increased by 0.4%, including cows, decreased by 2.1%; pig stock (by 3.5%), sheep and goat stock (by 0.2%), poultry of all types (by 1.4%) increase as well. As of early January 2011 the population kept 68% of total cattle stock, including cows Ц 78%, pigs Ц 55%, sheep and goats Ц 84%, poultry of all types Ц 46%.

Compared to January 01, 2010, the amount of cattle stock heads kept by agricultural enterprises decreased by 6.1% (including cows Ц by 2.5%), as well as the amount of sheep and goats fell down (by 6.1%); the number of pig heads increased (by 9.5%), as well as the amount of poultry of all types went up (by 9.3%).

The volume of grown cattle and poultry in 2010 exceeded the 2009 index by 10.0%, and its ratio to cattle sold for slaughter made up 108.2% (in 2009 Ц 107.8%). The daily average surplus of cattle stock grown, fed and fattened decreased by 1.9%, and pigs Ц decreased by 1.3%.

Communications and informatization sector

For 9 months of 2010, the volume of communications income obtained by economic entities of all ownership types reached UAH 35.5 bln., which was 4.0% higher than the amount for a similar period in the previous year, and UAH 13.6 bln. income was obtained from services rendered to population.

Last year the average Ukrainian family spent almost UAH 731 per 9 months or UAH 81.2 per month on communications services, and over a half of the volume was spent on mobile communication, more than a quarter was spent on fixed phone communication, 12% was spent on data transfer and Internet access, and less than 3% - on postal services.

UAH 6.5 bln. was paid as taxes, duties and compulsory payments to the budget and Pension Fund, 40% was paid by communication companies managed by the state.

For 9 months of 2010, the average salary in the postal and communication sector exceeded UAH 2.4 thousand, which is 8% higher than the previous index. As of 01 October 2010, communication companies managed by the state had no arrears of wages.

Around UAH 3.9 capital investments were used for sectoral development, 8.7% was used by the communication sector companies managed by the state.

Compared to 2009, mobile and fixed phone penetration in the ratio to the total population of Ukraine has hardly changedЦ 199.3% and 28.3%, respectively.

In 2010, computer communications became the most dynamic component in the communications service market. Its income increased by 1.3 times, compared to the previous year, and made up UAH 3.1 bln.

Last September each third Ukrainian was an active Internet user. The broadband Internet penetration share was 13.6% of the total number of Ukrainian families.


In 2010, transportation operators delivered 755.3 mln. t of cargo, which was 8.5% higher than in 2009. Cargo turn-over increased by 6.4% and reached UAH 404.6 bln. tkm.

Railway transportation of cargo increased by 10.5%, including cargo dispatch Ц by 11.1% compared to 2009. Cargo dispatch increased by 21.7% at Lvov Railway, by 20.5% at Odessa Railway, by 14.7% at Pridneprovskaya Railway, by 12.1% at South-Western Railway, and by 8.3% at Donetskaya Railway. Cargo dispatch decreased by 2.8% at South Railway. Dispatch of timber cargo increased by 36.4%, construction materials Ц by 24.3%, iron-and-steel scrap Ц by 21.1%, chemical and mineral fertilizers Ц by 19.2%, iron and manganese ores Ц by 16.1%, coke Ц by 10.5%, oil and oil products Ц by 9.3%, ferrous metals Ц by 8.3%, black coal Ц by 7.6%, cement Ц by 4.0%. Dispatch of grain and milling products decreased by 37.8%.

The national marine and river trading ports dispatched cargo in the amount of 11.1 mln. t, which was 13.0% higher than in 2009. Caro carriage by the river transportation operators increased by 36.2%, compared to 2009, carriage by marine transport decreased by 12.7%. Cargo carriage by the foreign river transportation operators increased by 26.4%, marine operators Ц by 10.4%. Cargo handling in fishing and trading ports, as well as industrial wharfs (marine and river) decreased by 4.7% and made up 154.3 mln. t. Import cargo handling increased by 36.0%. Handling of the transit cargo decreased by 15.5%, inland cargo Ц by 1.1%, export cargo Ц на 4.6%. The amount of handled vessels, foreign and in-freight, increased by 0.6% and totalled 17.1 thous. units.

In 2010, motor carriers (including haulage by sole proprietors) transported 158.2 mln. t, which was 12.8% higher than in 2009; the cargo turn-over reached 38.7 bln. tkm, having increased by 13.8%.

In 2010, main pipelines transported 153.4 mln. t of cargo, which was 0.7% lower than in 2009. Pumping of gas increased by 6.3%, ammonia Ц by 20.7%. Oil pumping decreased by 22.7%. Transmission of gas grew by 2.9%, ammonia Ц by 7.6%. Oil transmission decreased by 30.8%.

In 2010, air vehicles transported 87.3 thous. t of cargo, it was 2.6% higher than in 2009. Cargo turnover by air vehicles reached 378.2 mln. tkm, it was 7.8% higher than in 2009.

6.8 bln. passengers used the passenger transport in 2010, the passenger carriage reached 129.8 bln. pass. km, which made up 94.0% and 99.8%, respectively, of the 2009 volume.

In 2010, the railway vehicles transported 426.6 mln. passengers (taking into account the municipal electric train), which was 0.2% higher than in 2009. Passenger transportation decreased by 1.7% at Donetsk Railway and by 1.1% at Pridneprovskaya Railway. At Odessa Railway the passenger transportation increased by 2.8%, at Lvov Railway it increased by 0.2%, at South and South-Western Railways Ц by 0.1%, compared to 2009. Motor transport services (including haulage by sole proprietors) were used by 3.7 bln. passengers, which was 7.3% lower than in 2009. Transportation of passengers by motor vehicles of sole proprietors fell by 8.0%. Passenger transportation by marine vehicles increased by 6.8% compared to 2009. Sevastopol transportation operators who covered 82.3% of the total marine passenger transportation increased their activity by 6.1%. Foreign marine passenger transportation increased by 12.6% compared to 2009. In 2010, the Crimean companies providing almost all foreign marine carriages (95.6%) increased passenger transportation by 13.3%. In 2010, river vehicles transported 1.0 mln. passengers, it was 34.8% lower than in 2009. Air vehicles transported 6.1 mln. passengers, it was 19.2% higher than in 2009. In 2010, the municipal electric transport provided carriage of 2.7 bln. passengers, it was 5.1% lower than in 2009.