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03 april 2012

Social and Economic Situation of Ukraine in 2011

Industrial Sector

Industrial production increased by 7.3% in 2011 compared to the previous year. Most industries featured growth of output rates.

Mining production output grew by 6.9% compared to the year 2010, including metal mining companies, which increased their production by 2.3% and coal mining companies Ц by 13.5%. Hydrocarbon production output fell by 2.5%. For 2011 as a whole, natural gas output amounted to 19.2 bln m?, crude oil Ц to 2.4 mln tonnes, ore and non-sintered iron concentrates Ц to 80.6 mln tonnes, and ready coal Ц to 61.8 mln tonnes.

Production output of processing industries increased by 7.7%.

Food, beverages and tobacco industries featured 0.7% decrease in product output. In particular, beverage production decreased by 9.3%; confectionery, diary and tobacco Ц by 3.8%, 6.8% and 6.6% correspondingly. However, oil and fat production output grew by 6.9%; canned fruits and vegetables Ц by 6.1%; meat production Ц by 4.5%. In 2011, total output of unrefined sunflower seed oil amounted to 3.2 mln tonnes; crystal white beet sugar Ц to 2.3 mln tonnes; fresh or chilled beef and veal, pork, poultry meat and by-products Ц to 953,000 tonnes; sausage products Ц to 278,000 tonnes; natural canned vegetables Ц to 138,000 tonnes; canned pickled vegetables, fruits, nuts and mushrooms Ц to 50,100 tonnes; liquid processed milk Ц to 859,000 tonnes; butter Ц to 76,200 tonnes; creamy cheese Ц to 179,000 tonnes; fermented milk products Ц to 469,000 tonnes; unfermented and lactic cheeses Ц to 75,300 tonnes; cognac Ц to 4.3 mln dals; vodka and other distilled beverages Ц to 33.2 mln dals; beer Ц to 305 mln dals; non-alcoholic beverages Ц to 142 mln dals.

The production of consumer goods increased by 6.1%. Inter alia, textile manufacture grew by 10.5%; production of clothes, fur and fur goods Ц by 3.9%; leather, leather goods and other materials Ц by 3.9%. 88.1 mln m? of fabrics, 86.6 mln pairs of stockings, 2.7 mln pieces of heavy knitwear, 23.9 pairs of foot wear were produced in 2011.

The wood processing industry featured 8.5% increase of product output. The pulp and paper, printing and publishing industries reduced their production by 1.7%.

In 2011, the manufacturing of coke and refined petroleum products showed 8.5% decline. That was a result of production volumes reduction of refined petroleum products by 17.2%. For 2011 as a whole, volume of coke production amounted to 19.6 mln tonnes; petrol Ц to 2.8 mln tonnes; diesel fuel for motor and rail transport Ц to 2.7 mln tonnes; reduced fuel oil Ц to 2.1 mln tonnes.

Chemical and petrochemical industries featured 14.4% increase in production volumes; i.a. pharmaceutical industry output grew by 2.5%; heavy chemicals manufacturing Ц by 29.9%; soap and detergents, cleaning and polishing products, perfumery and cosmetics Ц by 2.6%; plastic products Ц by 6.3%. However, the paint and coatings production output declined by 1%; the rubber production Ц by 28.6%. In 2011, the total production volume of synthetic ammonia amounted to 5.3 mln tonnes; nitrogen-based and chemical fertilizers Ц to 2.9 mln tonnes; sulfuric acid Ц to 1.5 mln tonnes; soap and organic surface-active agents Ц to 51,400 tonnes; tires Ц to 3.6 mln pieces.

The production output of other non-metallic products grew by 10.7%.

Metallurgical and finished metal products manufacturers increased their production by 8.5% in 2011, i.a. pig iron, steel and ferroalloys plants Ц by 6.9%; pipe plants Ц by 21.5%; other plants of primary steel processing Ц by 4.6%; finished metal products manufacturers Ц by 15.1%. For 2011 as a whole, 28.9 mln tonnes of pig iron, 35.5 mln tonnes of continuously cast steel and semi-finished products, 19.5 mln tonnes of finished steel products, 2.4 mln tonnes of pipes and hollow iron profiles were produced.

The machinery manufacturing industry featured 16.9% increase. In particular, motor vehicles and measuring and control instruments production output grew by 21.5%; agricultural and forest machinery Ц by 16.6%; railway vehicles Ц by 28%; electric machinery Ц by 11.1%; mining machinery Ц by 24.7%; radio, television and communication equipment Ц by 40.1%. Metallurgical machinery production volumes decreased by 10.7%. In 2011, 6,100 agricultural and forestry tractors, 1,200 woodworking machines, 312,000 washing machines, 97,500 cars, 3,700 buses were manufactured.

Electricity generation and distribution increased by 5.4%. The total volume of electricity generated amounted to 194 bln kWХh. In particular, steam electric plants and nuclear power plants generated 92.6 bln kWХh and 90.2 bln kWХh correspondingly.

Agricultural Sector

According to the preliminary estimations, in 2011, y-o-y agricultural output index amounted to 117.5%, in particular, agricultural holdings Ц 123.8%, household and private farms Ц 112.3%.

Plant Production

In 2011, year-over-year plant production index amounted to 128.2%; i.a. agricultural holdings Ц 136.2%, household and private farms Ц 121.5%.

Crop acreage for the year 2011 amounted to 27.7 mln hectares: agricultural holdings Ц 19.5 mln hectares (70.4%), household and private farms Ц 8.2 mln hectares (29.6%). Total acreage increased by 0.7 mln hectares (2.7%) compared to 2010.

For 2011 as a whole, total bulk yields of cereals and pulses amounted to 56.7 mln tonnes (weight after processing), and their average yield capacity Ц to 3.7 tonnes per hectare. Grain production increased by 44.3% (by 17.4 mln tonnes) compared to the previous year, as a result of operated acreage expanded by 739,000 hectares (5.1%) and productivity growth by 1.01 tonnes per hectare (37.5%).

Sunflower productivity increased from 1,5 to 1.84 tonnes per hectare (by 22.7%) and resulted in bulk yield sunflower seeds growth by 27.9% compared to 2010. Its growth rate amounted to 8.7 mln tonnes (weight after processing).

Sugar beet output amounted to 18.7 mln tonnes. Its production volumes increased by 36.2% compared to 2010, as a result of productivity y-o-y growth from 27.9 to 36.3 tonnes per hectare.

Rapeseed yield amounted to 1.4 mln tonnes, which was 2.2% less than in 2010 (operated acreage was reduced by 3.5%; productivity increased by 1.8%). Soya bean yield increased by 34.7% compared to 2010, and amounted to 2.3 mln tonnes. Its operated acerage was expanded by 7.1%, productivity grew by 25.9%.

The total potato production increased by 29.6% compared to 2010, and amounted to 24.2 mln tonnes, vegetables Ц by 21% to 9.8 mln tonnes, as a result of their productivity growth by 26.8% and 12.3% correspondingly. Fruit and berry crops grew by 8.3%, grapes Ц by 27.9%, and amounted to 1.9 mln tonnes and 522,000 tonnes correspondingly.

In 2010, household and private farms cultivated 97% of total potato yield, 84% of vegetables, fruits and berries, 22% of grain, 16% of sunflower, 9% of sugar beet.

Animal Production

In 2011, year-over-year animal production index amounted to 102.5%; i.a. agricultural holdings Ц 106.2%, household and private farms Ц 99.5%.

In 2011, the total volume of livestock and poultry provided for slaughter amounted to 3 mln tonnes (live weight), which was 3.5% more than previous year. Milk production declined by 1.4% and amounted to 11.1 mln tonnes. Egg production increased by 9.6% to 18.7 bln eggs. The production share of household and private farms amounted to 46.8% and 37% correspondingly.

According to estimations, as of January 1, 2012, cattle population showed year-over-year 05% decline and amounted to 4.5 mln heads, i.a. cows Ц 2.6 mln (1.6% decrease), pigs Ц 7.5 mln (6.1% decrease), sheep and goats Ц 1.7 mln (0.5% increase), poultry Ц 199.5 mln birds (2.1% decrease). The share of livestock cultivated by household and private farms was 66.3% of the total livestock volume, i.a. cows Ц 77.5%, pigs Ц 55.6%, sheep and goats Ц 83.3%, poultry Ц 47.2%.

Transport Industry

In 2011, transport enterprises freighted 811.7 mln tonnes of cargoes, which was 7.4% more than previous year. Freight turnover increased by 5.7% and amounted to 426.4 bln tonnes.

Rail freight featured y-o-y 8.2% increase, i.a. dispatch volumes Ц by 8.6%. Yugo-Zapadnaya railway showed 19.2% increase in dispatch, Odeskaya Ц 13.3%, Lvivskaya Ц 12.3%, Donetskaya Ц 7.5%, Yuzhnaya Ц 6.9%, Pridneprovskaya Ц 5.7%. The dispatch of chemical and mineral fertilizers grew by 41.2%, construction materials Ц by 17.1%, grain and grinding products Ц by 16.6%, iron Ц by 8.4%, coke Ц 7.9%, timber Ц 6.6%, coal Ц by 6.3%, iron and manganese ore Ц by 6.1%, cement Ц by 4.8%, iron waste Ц by 4.2%. The dispatch of petroleum and petroleum products declined by 5%.

In 2011, the total volume of cargoes freighted by national maritime and river commercial fleets amounted to 9.9 mln tonnes, which was 10.7% less than in 2010. Inland waterways enterprises featured y-o-y 18.1% decline, while sea transport industry showed 1.9% increase. Transboundary river freights decreased by 37.2%, sea freights increased by 0.5%. Cargo volumes handled at commercial and fishing ports and berths (marine and river) raised by 4.7% to 161.6 mln tonnes. Inland cargo handling operations increased by 18.6%, imported Ц by 11.2%, intransit Ц by 7.8%, exported Ц 0.7%. The quantity of handled vessels dropped by 5.2% to 16,200 vessels. In 2011, road freight transport enterprises (including sole proprietors) carried 178.3 mln tonnes of cargo, which was 12.6% more than previous year. Total freight turnover decreased by 0.9% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 38.4 bln tonnes.

In 2011, the total volume of cargoes transported through pipelines amounted to 155 mln tonnes, which was 1% more than the previous year. The transportation of natural gas increased by 4.4%, ammonia Ц by 20.4%. The oil transportation decreased by 15.4%. The natural gas transit increased by 5.7%, ammonia Ц by 20.4%. The oil transit declined by 11.8%.

In 2011, 90,300 tonnes of cargo were transported by air, which was 2.8% more than in 2010. Air freight turnover showed y-o-y 3.2% decline and amounted to 366.6 mln tkm. Passenger transport services were provided to 7 bln passengers, which was 1.9% more than the previous year. Passenger turnover increased by 3.3% and amounted to 134.3 bln pkm.

For 2011 as a whole, a total of 430.1 mln passengers departed by rail transport (including commuter rail), 0.7% more than the previous year. Lvovskaya railway departures increased by 2%, Odesskaya railway Ц by 1.5%, Pridneprovskaya railway Ц by 0.7%, Yugo-Zapadnaya railway Ц by 0.2%. Donetskaya railway showed 2% decline of departures, Yuzhnaya Ц 0.2% decline. Road passenger transport services were provided to 3.6 bln passengers, 3.3% less than in 2010. Passenger transportations carried out by sole proprietors decreased by 8.6%. Sea passenger transport industry featured y-o-y 6.3% increase. Passenger transportation companies of Sevastopol carried out 82.3% of total transportation volumes and increased their turnover by 6.2%. International sea passenger transportations grew by 22.3% compared to the previous year. In 2011, passenger transportation companies of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, which carry out 98.2% of the total international sea passenger transportation volumes, increased their turnover by 25.6%. The river passenger transport industry showed y-o-y 2.3% decline in 2011, while international passenger traffic increased by 66.7%. Air passenger traffic increased by 22.7% and amounted to 7.5% mln passengers. For 2011 as a whole, urban electric passenger traffic grew by 9.1% with about 2.9 bln people.

Prepared based on information provided by:
State Statistics Committee of Ukraine
Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine