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03 april 2012


Foreign Direct Investments

In 2011, foreign investors put USD6,473.1 mln of direct investments into Ukraine. Net foreign capital gain amounted to USD4,556.3 mln, which was 4.1% less compared to the previous year.

As of December 31, 2011, the total volume of direct foreign investments into Ukraine amounted to USD4, 9362.3 mln. By early 2012, it increased by 10.2% and amounted to USD1,084.3 per person. The share of EU investments into Ukraine was 79.9% of the total volume, CIS – 8.1%, other countries – 12%.

In 2011, 128 world countries invested in Ukraine. The top ten countries-investors, which form almost 83% of the total Ukrainian direct investment volumes, is compiled by Cyprus (25.6%), Germany (15%), the Netherlands (9.8%), the Russian Federation (7.3%), Austria (6.9%), Great Britain (5.1%), France (4.5%), Sweden (3.5%), the British Virgin Islands (3.3%), the USA (2.1%).

Financial companies have been generated considerable interest among foreign investors. This sector accounts for 33.1% of the total investment volumes. Other companies that are still attractive to foreign investors are the companies dealing with real estate, lease holding, engineering and provision of services to entrepreneurs (11.6%), trade enterprises; companies dealing with maintenance of cars, household goods and articles of personal use (10.5%), construction companies (6.1%), transport and telecommunication enterprises (3.8%).

Manufacturing enterprises account for 30.9% of total investments, including processing enterprises (26.5%), and mining companies (3%). Among most attractive processing investees are metallurgical and finished metal products manufacturers (12.3% of total investments), food, beverages and tobacco producers (4.2%), chemical and petrochemical companies (2.8%), machinery manufacturers (2.5%), other non-metallic mineral products manufacturers (1.8%).


Prepared based on information provided by:
State Statistics Committee of Ukraine
Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine