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20 april 2010


In 2009 the enterprises of transport transported 695,7 million tons of loads, which is 78,1% in comparison to the volume of load transportation in 2008. The turnover of goods made 380,0 milliard tons/kilometers, which is 77,5% from the volume in 2008.

The transportation of loads by railroads in comparison with 2008 increased by 21,5%, including dispatch of loads Ц on 19,4%. The dispatch of loads decreased in Odessa Railroad Ц by 33,2%, Lviv Railroad Ц by 28,5%, South-West Railroad Ц by 25,1%, Donetsk Railroad Ц by 18,3%, Prydniprovska Railroad Ц by 16,1%, South Railroad Ц by 8,8%. The dispatch of cement decreased by 41,9%, construction materials Ц by 39,7%, chemical and mineral fertilizers Ц by 31,9%, black metals Ц by 25,8%, forest Ц by 21,6%, oil and oil products Ц by 19,0%, coke Ц by 11,4%, anthracite coal Ц by 10,9%, ferrous and manganese ore Ц by 10,1%, iron-and-steel scrap Ц by 9,0%. The dispatch of corn and milling products increased by 26,3%.

The domestic marine and river merchant marine implemented the transportation of loads in a volume of 9,8 million tons, which is by 50,0% less than in 2008. In comparison with 2008 the transportation of loads by the enterprises of river transport decreased by 54,8%, marine transport Ц by 43,4%. The oversea transportation of loads be the river transport decreased by 35,3%, marine Ц by 50,2%. The volume of load processing in commercial and fishing ports and at industrial moorages (both marine and river) decreased by 12,1% and made 161,9 million tons. Processing of the imported loads decreased by 41,1%, transits Ц by 21,3% and internal communication Ц by 58,6%. Processing of export loads increased by 14,1%. The amount of the ships processed Ц oversea and in infreight Ц decreased by 20,1% and made 17,0 thousand of ships.

In 2009 the enterprises of motor transport (taking into account the transportations made by physical persons-entrepreneurs) transported 140,0 million tons of load Ц 24,8% less than in 2008, and implemented the goods turnover in a volume of 33,9 milliard of tons / kilometers Ц 9,5% less.

In 2009 154,6 million tons loads were transported through supply pipelines Ц 17,2% less than in 2008. The transmission of natural gas decreased by 20,3%, ammonia Ц 29,5%, oil Ц 5,9%. The transit of the natural gas decreased by 19,9%, ammonia Ц 15,6%, oil Ц 11,4%.

In 2009 the enterprises of aviation transport transported 84,8 thousand tons of loads Ц 16,9% less than in 2008. The turnover of goods in aviation transport made 350,3 million tons / kilometers Ц 7,5% less comparatively with 2008.

In 2009 the enterprises of passenger transport transported 7,3 milliard of passengers, the turnover of passengers in transport made 130,1 milliards passengers / kilometers Ц accordingly 87,3% and 88,5% in comparison to the volumes of 2008.

In 2009 the railway transport dispatched 425,9 million passenger Ц 4,4% less than in 2008. The dispatch of passengers decreased at Donetsk Railroad Ц by 7,5%, South Railroad Ц by 5,0%, Odesa Railroad Ц by 4,7%, South-West Railroad Ц by 4,2%, Lviv Railroad Ц by 3,6% and Prydniprovska Railroad Ц by 2,4%. The enterprises of motor transport (taking into account the transportations made by physical persons-entrepreneurs) transported 4,0 milliard of passengers Ц by 8,2% less than in 2008. The transportation of passengers made by physical persons-entrepreneurs decreased by 9,0%. The transportation of passengers implemented by marine transport in 2009 in comparison with 2008 decreased by 15,5%. The enterprises of Sevastopol, which implemented 82,8% of the total amount of marine transportation of passengers, decreased the transportation of passengers by 15,3%. Oversea marine transportation of passengers decreased by 3,6% comparatively with 2008. The enterprises of Autonomous Republic of Crimea, which implement almost all marine oversea transportation (95,1%), in 2009 decreased the transportation of passengers by 3,1%. The aviation transport transported 5,1 million of passengers Ц 17,0% less than in 2008. In 2009 the municipal electrical transport transported 2,8 milliard of passengers Ц 19,4% less comparatively with 2008.

The following materials were used for preparation of the article:
Ministry of Economy of Ukraine,
State department for communication and informatization issues
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