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20 april 2010

External trade (goods)

The export of goods in January Ц November 2009 made USD 35602,9 million; import Ц USD 40417,9 million. This constitutes 56,6% and 50,1% from the volumes of the corresponding period of the previous year. The negative external trade balance in goods made USD 4815 million (for 11 months in 2008 Ц minus USD 17857 million).

Ukraine has implemented the external trade operations in goods with the partners from 212 countries of the world.

The structure of Ukrainian export (goods): CIS Ц 34%, EU countries Ц 23,8% (in January Ц November 2008 Ц accordingly 34,4% and 26,9%).

Russian Federation remains to be the largest trade partner of Ukraine (21,1% of export and 28% of import).

Among the largest trade partner of Ukraine in January Ц November 2009 comparatively with corresponding period of the previous year the export increased to China Ц 2,6 times (due to supply of the black metal, and also ore, slags and ash) and to India Ц by 13,1% (due to supply of fat and butter of animal or vegetable nature and black metal). The volume of export decreased to Italy and made 39,5% from the level of 11 months in 2008, Turkey Ц 42,7%, Poland Ц 50,2%, Russian Federation Ц 50,6%, Belorussia Ц 59,4%, Germany Ц 64,9% and Kazakhstan Ц 83,1%.

In general volume of goods export comparatively with the corresponding period in 2008 the share of corn cultures, mechanical and electric machines, fat and butter of animal or vegetable nature has increased. To the opposite the share of black metal, energy material, oil and oil refinery products, black metal products, fertilizers, railway or tram locomotives, road equipment has decreased.

The import from CIS countries made 43% of all the all the goods, from EU countries Ц 34,1% (in January Ц November 2008 Ц accordingly 39,5% and 33,6%). The volumes of import of goods decreased from all the largest trade partners. The import of goods from China was 47,2%, Poland Ц 47,9%, Germany Ц 51,7%, to Byelorussia Ц 55%, Russian Federation Ц 60,5%, Kazakhstan Ц 68,3%, Uzbekistan Ц 81,9% in comparison to the volumes of January Ц November 2008.

The share of energy materials, oil and oil refinery products, electric machines, polymeric materials, plastics, pharmaceutical products, paper and paperboard has increased in the general volume of import of the goods. The share of mechanical machines, surface transport vehicles has decreased, except for the railways, black metal.

The basis for the goods structure of the Ukrainian external trade, as previously, is the mineral products, non-precious metal and goods made from non-precious metal, mechanical and electric machines, products of chemical and related to chemical industries, products of vegetable origin.

In 2009 for 11 months the raw material was exported to the amount of USD 35,3 million. There were imported the end products, made from raw material, to the amount of USD 39,2 million. At the same Ukraine received foreign raw material in the amount of USD 1552,4 million. There were exported the end products, made from raw material, to the amount of USD 2474,1 million.

The following regions of Ukraine have the largest volumes of export-import (goods) operations: City of Kyiv, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa, Zaporozhia, Kyiv and Kharkiv oblasts.

The following materials were used for preparation of the article:
Ministry of Economy of Ukraine,
State department for communication and informatization issues
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