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03 april 2012

Cherkassy region

Square: 20.9 ths. sq. km.
Center of the region: town of Cherkassy.
Administrative and territorial division: 20 districts.
Population: 1 277.3 ths. people.

Geographical position

The region is situated in the central part of Ukraine, on the banks of the Dnieper mid-channel. Dnieper is the main river. The region borders on Kiev region in the north-west, Vinnitsa region in the west, Poltava region in the east, and Kirovograd region in the south.

Transportation network

Numerous railroads and motor highways cross the territory of Cherkassy region. Shevchenkovo board of railway carriages secures railway carriages in the region. The board is located at the crossroad of two main directions (Moscow-Odessa and Donbass-Carpathian mountains). There is freight and passenger navigation over Dnieper river. Center of the region is connected with many large cities of Ukraine by air.

Economic potential

The region is industrial and agrarian by pattern of its business. More than 300 industrial enterprises operate in the region. They generate electric energy, mine coal, produce mineral fertilizers, ammonia, chemical fiber, computer aided facilities, computing devices, manufacturing equipment for processing industries, machines and devices for cattle breeding and production of fodders, as well as consumer goods of food and nonfood groups. Sugar sector, meat processing industry, dairy, flour and cereals, alcoholic beverage industries, and canned food industry are most developed in food industry.

Industrial enterprises of construction industry have adequate capacities to supply needs of construction complex in wall materials, precast structures and prefabricated reinforced concrete constructions, metalware, joinery, bituminous concrete, nonmetallics, and other materials.

The region plays an important role in system of Ukraine's national economy as a region with developed agriculture characterized with high standards of farming and cattle breeding.

The following articles bring the largest export revenues: fertilizers, man-made fiber threads, organic chemical compounds, ready-made garments, machines, and equipment.

The largest share in import is occupied by output of chemical and adjacent industries, paper and articles from paper pulp, machines and equipment, textile and textile articles, as well as tobacco.

Foreign capital to the companies of the region is invested by partners from 34 countries of the world. Germany, the USA, and Great Britain are the main partners.

Companies of trade, food, printing, and wood processing industries also develop investment activities with foreign partners.

Natural and recreational potential

Sosnovka is a flat climatic resort of forest and steppe zone. It is situated in a large coniferous forest tract on the right bank of Dnieper. Sanatoria, preventoriums, boarding houses, rest homes, and tourist bases are operating in the region.

There are more than 100 deposits of brick and ceramic raw stock in the region. There are significant reserves of mortar sand, building stone, and expanded clay raw stock. There are deposits of petrurgical raw stock in the west of the region.

Cherkassy region possesses significant reserves of facing and building stone. Starobabanskoye and Tanskoye are the most famous deposits of granite. Their output is exported from the region.

Cherkassy deposit of bentonitic and paligorsk clays is located at the territory of the region. It is the largest deposit in Ukraine unique by its size, quality of raw stock, and sphere of application. This commodity is one of the most important export-import articles on the world market.

Cherkassy region is rich in secondary kaolins. It possesses deposits of brown coal, peat, and bauxites. There is Boltyshevskoye deposit of oil shales on the border between Cherkassy and Kirovograd regions. Left bank of the region has significant reserves of curative mineral waters (Mirgorodskaya type). Zvenigorodskoye spring of radon waters was explored and is developed in the region.

Climate is temperate continental with mild winter and warm summer. Average temperature in January reaches -6 ?, and in July +20 ?.

Historical and cultural potential

The following are the most interesting sightseeing objects: Engelgard house of 18281829, oak of Taras Shevchenko, Chumaks hut (ethnographic museum) of 1816, house of Taras Shevchenko (ղՖ centuries), farmstead (park, and household of Vղ centuries), State historical and cultural reserve Birthplace of Taras Shevchenko, Preobrazhenskaya/Transfiguration church of Krasnogorskiy/Red mountain monastery of 17671772, Davydovs farmstead of the early ղ century, ancient settlement Knyazheskaya gora/Prince hill of ղ century, grave of Taras Shevchenko, Kanev museum of folk applied and decorative arts, pine tree of Gogol, State historical and cultural reserve Trakhtemirov, State historical and cultural reserve in the town Korsun-Shevchenkovskiy, Lopukhin farmstead of V century, park and architectural complex of Okhotnichiy/Hunting palace of 18961903, Bazilianskiy monastery of 17641784, dendropark Sofievka of 1796, grave of zaddik Nakhman of 1811, Roman Catholic church of 1812, national reserve Chigiryn, ruins of Doroshenko tower of VV centuries, mass grave of Cossacks and civilians died in battles with Turkish conquerors of V century, monument to heroes of battles with Polish nobility and Turkish invaders of ղ century, ancient burial mounds, Motroninskiy monastery of 1801, Ilyinskaya/St. Elias church of 1653 shrine of Bogdan Khmelnitskiy, ruins of Bogdan Khmelnitskiy estate of V century, and historical monument Tri kolodtsa/Three wells of V century.

The following materials were used for preparation of the article:
Cherkassy regional state administration,
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