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11 april 2007

Export of goods in 2006 amounted to USD 38,367.7 mn, imports Ц USD 45,034.5 mn. If compared to 2005, export added 12.1%, import Ц 24.6%.

Export and import dynamics in 1996-2006 (data for 2006 includes only 11 months)

Negative balance was USD 6,666.8 mn (in 2005 Ц USD 1,907.9 mn). Export to import ratio made 0.85 compared to 0.95 in 2005.

The largest export supplies in 2006 were bound to Russia Ц 22.5% of the total volume of shipments, Italy Ц 6.5%, Turkey Ц 6.2%, Poland Ц 3.5%, Germany Ц 3.3%, Belarus Ц 3.2%, and the USA Ц 3.1%. The largest import volumes arrived from Russia Ц 30.6%, Germany Ц 9.5%, Turkmenistan Ц 7.8%, China Ц 5.1%, Poland Ц 4.7%, Italy Ц 3.3%, and Belarus Ц 2.8%.

By-commodity pattern of exports in 2006 underwent changes as compared to 2005: the portion of animal and vegetable fats and oils expanded from 1.7% to 2.5%, polymer materials and plastics Ц from 1.1% to 1.5%, ferrous metals Ц from 33.5% to 34%, ferrous metal products Ц from 5.4% to 6.2%, as well as electrical machinery and equipment Ц from 2.7% to 3.3%.

According to the State Statistics Committee, export of services in 2006 totaled USD 7,505.5 mn having gained 22.3% versus 2005. Import of services was USD 3,812.4 mn and as compared to 2005 grew by 29.8%.

The upturn in export of services was mostly encouraged by higher shipments of transportation services Ц by 19.5% (or by USD 874.5 mn), miscellaneous business, professional, and technical services Ц by 45% (or by USD 262.9 mn), and computer services Ц 2.5 times (or +USD 52.2 mn).

Import of services accelerated because of larger import of travel services Ц up 1.5 times (+USD 76.7 mn), miscellaneous business, professional, and technical services Ц up 1.5 times (+USD 234.1 mn), and financial services Ц a double rise versus 2005 (+USD 265.4 mn).

In 2006, CIS-bound export of services added 21.1%, or USD 602.1 mn as compared to 2005 Ц up to USD 3,451.3 mn. Import of services from CIS in 2006 also increased Ц by 34.9% (+USD 181.5 mn) up to USD 702.3 mn.