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03 april 2012

Rivne region

Square: 20.1 ths. sq. km.
Center of the region: town of Rivne.
Administrative and territorial division: 16 districts.
Population 1 154.3 ths. people.

Geographical position

The region is situated in the north-west of Ukraine, in zone of mixed forest (Ukrainian Polesye/ marshy woodlands) and in forest-steppe. Forests occupy more than 38% of the regional territory. The region is flat. Its northern part is occupied by Polesye lowland and southern y Volyn eminence. Pripyat is the main river with inflows Goryn and Stir. There are a lot of lakes, in particular, Nobel and Beloye/White.

Transportation network

Rivne region has favorable territorial and geographical location with high transit capacity.

Zdolbunov, Rivne, and Sarny are the largest railway junctions. Main roads Kiev-Chop, Kiev-Kovel, Ustilug-Lutsk-Rivne, Domanovo-Kovel-Chernovtsy-Mamalyga, and Goroditshe-Rivne-Starokonstantinov are among the most well-furnished and important for economy of the region. Rivers Prypyat, Goryn, and Stir are navigable. There is an airport in the town of Rivne.

Economic potential

Electric power engineering, chemical, petrochemical, and food industries are the most important in pattern of regional industrial output. The share of foodstuffs is 73% in pattern of consumer goods manufacturing.

The region specializes in generation of electric energy, mineral fertilizers, particle boards, plywood, cement, construction materials, glass articles, power switches, bonded fabric, confectionery, etc.

Measures directed at creation of favorable conditions for stirring up of investment and innovation activities, modernization of regional economic complex, securing of complex utilization and saving of natural raw stock materials, improvement of transit, tourist, and recreational potential use efficiency, as well as solving the problem of population employment are implemented in the region.

Natural and recreational potential

Rivne region is rich in mineral resources. Hydrologic network: 171 rivers stretching for more than 10 km each, 52 lakes with of water surface area exceeding 1 ha, 13 water storages, and more than 500 ponds. It creates favorable conditions for complex utilization of regional water resources, including development of small-scale power engineering, fish industry, and tourism.

Favorable climatic conditions, significant forest tracts, rivers, lakes, curative peat muds, and mineral waters create recreational resources of the region. Resort Goryn is situated in Sarny district.

Forests cover almost 40% of Rivne region territory. It is 2.6 times more than average Ukrainian index.

Active measures on restoration of woods are fulfilled in the region. Deep processing of timber and its complex utilization is encouraged here.

More than 624 deposits of 18 types of mineral resources were discovered in Rivne region. The following deposits should be singled out: building and facing stones, chalk, kaolin, feldspar raw stock, basalts, cement raw stock, significant amount of peat, tuff, sand, brick and tile raw stock, springs of mineral and sweet waters, etc.

Program projects envisaging continuation of exploration works on search of copper and diamonds are among state and regional priorities. Intensification of works on extraction of amber, open cast of natural agronomical ores (grainy phosphates), complex use of tuff, expansion of local raw stock extraction for production of construction materials are perspective directions of local mineral and raw stock base mastering.

Climate is moderate continental. Average temperature in January reaches -5 ? and in July +18 ?.

Historical and cultural potential

Rivne region possesses original historical and cultural environment rich in monuments of local and national importance.

The following are the most interesting tourist objects of the region: State historical and cultural reserve in the town of Ostrog, State historical and cultural reserve in the town of Dubno, historical and memorial reserve Field of Berestetskaya battle, State museum reserve Kazatskiye mogily/Cossack graves, fortified monastery of VV centuries, synagogue of V century, Troitskiy/Trinity monastery-fortress of VV centuries, and castle of 1550. There are 2 theaters in the town of Rivne, 295 museums and museum rooms created on a voluntary basis.

Such crafts as weaving, embroidery, pottery, and carving are well-developed.

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