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03 april 2012

Nikolayev region

Square: 24.6 ths. sq. km.
Center of the region: town of Nikolayev.
Administrative and territorial division: 19 districts.
Population – 1 178.2 ths. people.

Geographic location

Nikolayev region borders on three regions of Ukraine (with Odessa region in the west, Kirovograd region in the north, and Kherson region in the east). Its territory occupies several hundreds kilometers of Black sea coastline and estuaries in the south. Dneprovo-Bugskiy, Bugskiy, Berezanskiy, and Tiligulskiy estuaries deeply penetrate into the land and create amazing braiding of water stretches.

Transportation network

The region possesses ramified transportation network. Highways Nikolayev-Odessa-Kishinev/Chisinau, Nikolayev-Simferopol, Nikolayev-Kirovograd, etc. cross the territory of the region. Availability of water ways and littoral location of the territory stipulate significant development of sea and river transportation.

Five sea and river ports operate in the town of Nikolayev. They are equipped with modern devices. Technical capacity of commercial port alone to process freights reaches 9 mn tons per year. Navigation lasts all year round.

Nikolayev airport is among the largest and most technically equipped facilities in the south of Ukraine. It has modern landing strip, and possesses radiotechnical, lighting engineering, and navigation electronics. The airport has the status of international port.

Nikolayev and Pervomaisk are main railroad junctions.

Economic potential

Nikolayev region is attractive for investors territory in the south of Ukraine due to its considerable industrial, scientific, and technical potential, favorable geographical position, developed transportation infrastructure, high educational level of inhabitants, highly qualified labor resources, availability of mineral resources, and access to the markets of the CIS states, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Powerful multisectoral industry, well-developed agroindustrial complex, ramified transportation network, port infrastructure, as well as significant production, scientific, and social infrastructure are characteristic features of the region. The region is among leaders by manufacturing of shipbuilding output, gas turbines, alumina, electric energy, sunflower seeds, grain crops, etc.

Industrial potential of the region is mainly concentrated in five towns of regional submission.

Nikolayev is a center of gas turbine machine building, shipbuilding, non-ferrous metallurgy, food, and light industries.

Yuzhnoukrainsk produces more than 35% of regional industrial output at the account of nuclear plant.

Pervomaisk is a center of diesel engines’ manufacturing, agricultural machinery, sugar, milk tin, and clothing industries.

Voznesensk is a leading producer and exporter of leather and hides.

Ochakov is a resort with well-developed transport infrastructure, food, and processing industries.

Natural and recreational potential

There are a lot of picturesque places in Nikolayev region: islands of Berezan, Tendra, Kinburnskaya kosa/spit, and landmark Stepok.

A lot of preventoriums, boarding houses, recovery houses, and tourist bases are situated close to the Black Sea shores, at broad fine sandy beaches. There are springs of mineral waters and curative muds, 89 territories and objects of natural and reserve fund (part of the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve, 26 wildlife refuges, including forest reserve of state importance Ratsinskaya Dacha, 30 natural monuments, including botanical stow Stepok of state importance, and 19 parks – monuments of landscape architecture, including Mostovskiy park of state importance, 13 natural landmarks, and Nikolayev zoo.

Climate in the region is moderate continental. Summer is hot with frequent dry hot winds. Average temperature in January reaches -4.5 ?С, and in July +27 ?С. Winter is relatively warm with low snow. Precipitation occurs mostly in summer as showers. Sea near the coastline warms up to +24 ?С in high season (June-August).

Historical and cultural potential

The following are the most interesting tourist objects: headquarters of the Black sea fleet building of 1794, Nikolayevskaya/St. Nicholas church of 1817, Officer Assembly of 1820, astronomical observatory of 1821, Roman Catholic Church of 1896, old cemetery of ХVІІІ–ХХ centuries, water tower of ХІХ centuries, Presvyatoi Bogoroditsy/Ever-Virgin Mary church of ХІХ century, historical and archeological reserve Olvia, ruins of ancient Greek polis of Olvia of VІ century B.C. – ІV century A.D., Katerininskaya/St. Katherine church of ХVІІІ century, military historical museum, museum of shipbuilding, Pokrovskaya/Holy Protection church with bell tower of 1805–1839, and ruins of ancient settlements.


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