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03 april 2012

Zhitomir region

Population of the region amounts to 1 273.2 ths. people

Geographical position

The region has convenient transportation communication with Kiev, Lvov, Uzhgorod, Kharkov, Odessa, Minsk, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, and states of Eastern and Central Europe because of its favorable geographical position along with ramified network of motorways and railway roads.


The region borders on the Republic of Belarus (mainly with Gomel region). State border stretches for 280 km. There are two checkpoints at the border: Maidan-Kopischanskiy in Olevskiy district and Vystupovichi in Ovruch district. Besides, there are checkpoints at railway stations in Ovruch and Korosten, and air checkpoint in urban settlement Ozernoye of Zhitomir distract. The region borders on Kiev, Vinnitsa, Khmelnitskiy, and Rivne regions of Ukraine.

Economic potential

At present Zhitomir region is a well-developed agrarian and industrial region of Ukraine.

Multisectoral industrial manufacturing has been created at the territory of the region. Zhitomir region is all-Ukrainian leader in production of certain output. It manufactures china and delft ware, hosiery, lumber, footwear, and natural facing stone materials. Food industry, machine building and metal work, mining, production of non-metallic mineral articles , light, wood processing and pulp and paper industry are main sectors of the region.

Production activities of the region have always had agrarian direction. Agriculture secures almost 30% of gross domestic product and supplies needs of people in basic foodstuffs as well as raw stock to processing industry.

There are all conditions for keeping multisectoral agriculture, because the region is situated in two soil and climatic zones (marshy woodlands and forest-steppe). Produce of plant growing prevails in the aggregate production. The largest share in this sector belongs to grain crops, indusrial crops, potato, vegetables, and melons and gourds. Produce of milk and meat.

More than 200 farms in the region are involved in growing of hop and fiber flax. Favorable geographical location of Zhitomir region, its mineral and raw stock, as well as natural and human potential promote growth of interest from local and foreign investors to put capitals specifically in this place.

Enterprises of the region cooperate with partners from 37 states. Almost two thirds of capitals were invested by companies from Switzerland, Italy, the USA, Virgin Islands, Germany, and Cyprus.

Natural and recreational potential

Zhitomir region is rich in mineral and raw stock resources. Extensive and diverse complex of regional mineral resources of the region is concentrated in 512 deposits, from which merely 190 are mined. Some deposits are unique. In particular, entrails of the region possess more than 85% of state reserves of quartzite, apatite, labradorite, and gabbro.

Zhitomir region provides needs of Ukraine and foreign states for titanium concentrate.

Mineral and raw stock potential of the region is represented by facing stones, marble, semi-precious stones, raw stock for metallurgy and construction materials’ industry, limestone, brown coal, and peat. Reserves of alkaline kaolin were prospected. Their volume and number make it possible to manufacture up to 0,5 mn tons of feldspar concentrate per year.

There are reserves of mortar sands, pyrophyllite slates, ceramic clays, and other kinds of mineral construction raw stock. The region also possesses deposits of rare-earth metals (vanadium, scandium, hafnium, and thorium), which are in great demand on the world market. Deposit of marble with unique pattern and good polishing characteristics is also promising.

Semi-precious stones (beryl, topaz, and quartz) are also mined in the region. Further on these gems are processed and used for manufacturing of jewellery.

Culture and traditions

Culture and architectural monuments in Ovruch, Zhitomir, and Novograd-Volynskiy were erected in the period of Kievan Rus existence. There are monuments of landscape architecture, museum of china in Baranovka, farmstead and landscape park in the town of Verkhovnya where prominent French writer Honore de Balzac lived and worked, and cosmonautics museum after Korolev in the region.

Honore de Balzac got married in church with Evelina Ganska in Berdichev in catholic church of St. Barbara. The following are the most attractive tourist objects: Ovruch, residence of prince Ryurik Rostislavovich of ХІІ–ХІІІ centuries, ruins of old Russian settlement of Х–ХІІІ centuries at Sokolova Gora/Hawk mountain, memorial museum of Sergey Korolev, chief designer of rocket and space systems, Preobrazhenskiy/Transfiguration cathedral of ХІХ centuries, palace and mill of Yan Tyshkevich of ХVІІ century, fortified monastery of Carmelites and catholic church of ХVІІ century, Svyato-Ol’ginskaya/St. Olga church, ruins of town fortifications of Х century, Cathedral catholic church and bell tower of 1746, Town Council of ХVІІІ century, literature and memorial museum of Korolenko, catholic church of St. Barbara of the middle of ХІХ century, site of ancient settlement of ІХ-ХІ centuries, literature and memorial museum of Lesya Ukrainka, Vasilyevskaya/St.Basil church of 1190, palace with memorial room-museum of Honore de Balzac of ХVІІІ century, literature and memorial room-museum of Maxim Rylskiy, and palace in the village of Turchinovka.


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