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03 april 2012

Donetsk region

Square: 26.5 ths. sq. km (4.4% of Ukraine’s territory).
Center of the region: city of Donetsk.
Administrative and territorial division: 18 districts.
Population: 4 403.2 ths. people

Geographical position

The region is situated in the south-east of Ukraine in steppe zone. It is washed by the Azov sea in the south. The territory of the region is mainly flat, dissected by ravines and gullies. Water system of the region consists of rivers Severskiy Donets, Kazennyi Torets, Samara, Volchya, Kal’mius, Gruzskiy Elanchik, and Krynka, water storages Starokrymskoye, Kleban-Bykskoye, Karlovskoye, Kurakhovskoye, Vilkhovskoye, and channels Severskiy Donets-Donbass and Dnieper-Donbass.

Transportation network

Donetsk railway supplies up to 40% of all national carriages. Yasinovataya, Krasnyi Liman, Debaltsevo, Mikitovka, Ilovaisk, and Volnovakha are the largest railway junctions. There is a sea port Mariupol at the Azov sea (capacity of load processing is 12 mn tons). There are airports in Donetsk (international), Mariupol, and Kramatorsk. There are a lot of motor roads.

Economic potential

Availability of fuel, power, mineral, and raw stock resources created conditions for development of industrial complex with high concentration of heavy industry sectors, scientific, and social infrastructure.

The region accounts for more than 50% of coal extraction in Ukraine, output of finished steel, coke, cast iron, steel, and practically 100% of rolling-mill equipment. As regards the structure of the region’s manufacturing output, it is dominated by ferrous metallurgy, fuel-and-energy complex, and electric power engineering. The share of foodstuffs makes 64% in the pattern of consumer goods’ production.

Companies of different specialization operate in chemical industry. They produce broad variety of goods including mineral fertilizers, acids, soda (sodium carbonate), and plastics.

The following directions are highly potential from investors’ point of view:

  • alternative sources of energy,
  • prospecting of oil fields,
  • infrastructure: transportation and communications,
  • service sector: hotels, banks, and insurance companies, and
  • development of municipal sector.

Natural and recreational potential

Climate is severely continental with hot torrid summer and relatively cold winter with unstable snowpack. South-eastern and eastern winds prevail. Summer is hot with showers. Annual rainfall is 524 mm. Almost all elements of periodic table can be found in entrails of the region. The following are main mineral resources: coal (reserves amount to 25 bn tons), rock salt, limestone, potash salt, mercury, asbestos, and graphite. The region is rich in fertile black earths.

There are significant recreational resources in the region: mild climate, Azov sea shore, curative muds, and springs of mineral, radon, and table waters. There are sanatoria, boarding houses, and numerous tourist bases and children camps in the region.

The region hosts curative springs. Slavyanskiye/Slavonic salt lakes and mineral water springs are of balneological value. Reserve zones Khomutovskaya steppe, Svyatogorye/Holy mountains, and Azov sea shore are of national importance. Salt mine in the town of Soledar possesses unique curative features. Spelean sanatorium is created there.

Historical and cultural potential

The following are tourist and sightseeing objects in the region: State historical and archeological reserve in town of Slavyanogorsk, Svyatogorskiy/Holy Mountain spelean monastery of ХVІІ–ХVІІІ centuries, as well as cultural and architectural buildings in Artemovsk. There are 5 theaters in the region (3 of them in the city of Donetsk) and 6 state museums. Kamennye mogily/Stone graves is an open air museum located at a height of 150-200 meters above sea level (Alps in small with the age of 1.5 bn years, Alpine meadows with rare plants). There is museum of outstanding artist Kuindzhi in Mariupol. Svyatogorsk is one of the best climatic resorts of Ukraine.


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