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Volyn region

Square: 20.2 ths. sq. km
Center of the region: town of Lutsk.
Administrative and territorial division: 16 districts.
Population of the region totals 1 038.6 ths. people.

Geographical location

The region is situated in the north-west of Ukraine within the borders of Polesskaya lowland and Volyn Hills in zones of mixed forests and forest-steppe.

Transportation network

Kovel is the largest railway junction. Local navigation is fulfilled over Styr river. There is an airport in Lutsk.

Economic potential

Industrial complex of the region includes more than 10 important sectors of modern industry. Industrial enterprises of the region produce bearings, devices, automation equipment, special technological equipment, cars, machines for cattle breeding and fodder manufacturing, synthetic leather, plastic articles, polyethylene film, rolled roofing material, linoleum, cardboard, precast concrete, lumber, brick, furniture, footwear, silk fabric, ready-made garments, sugar, meat, butter, whole milk output, sausages, canned food, flour, confectionery, and bakery.

Agriculture of the region specializes in growing of potatoes, sugar beet, grain crops, meat, and dairy output. Agricultural commodity producers are in touch with the CIS states, Eastern, and Western European states. Meat and meat articles, sugar, milk powder, casein, butter, and other agricultural products are exported.

Production infrastructure of the region is represented by different types of transportation, communication, objects of engineering and power supply, as well as road facilities.

Natural and recreational potential

Mineral and raw stock potential of the region is characterized by presence of 18 types of minerals in its entrails. Twelve of them (coal, natural gas, helium, peat, germanium, glass sand, underground fresh and mineral waters, peat mud, cement raw stock, copper, and phosphorite) are of national importance. Copper and phosphorites are not well explored. Their reserves are not defined, while beddings are still not included into state fund of deposits.

More than 220 lakes are wealth of Volyn region. Svityaz, Pulemetskoye, Turskoye, and Luka are the largest lakes. 130 rivers with the total length exceeding 3,000 km cross the territory of the region. Forests occupy 649.1 ths. ha.

Moderate continental climate. Average temperature in January reaches -4 ?С, and in July +17 ?С.

Historical and cultural potential

There are 837 monuments of history, archeology, town-planning, architecture, and monumental art. Lutsk state historical and architectural reserve was created on the basis of historical, cultural, and architectural potential. Architectural and archeological monuments of Kievan Rus period are the most interesting, in particular, Uspenskiy/Assumption cathedral of 1160 in Vladimir-Volynskiy, Verkhniy/Upper castle of ХІІІ–ХІV centuries in Lutsk, ruins of cathedrals and buildings of Х–ХІV centuries, ramparts of ХІІ–ХІІІ centuries, Georgievskaya/St.George church of 1264 in Lyuboml, Vasilyevskaya/St.Basil church of ХІІІ–ХІV centuries in Vladimir-Volynskiy, Pokrovskaya/Protection church of ХV century and Krestovozdvizhenskaya/ Exaltation of the Cross church of 1619, Jesuit monastery of 1539–1610, Tritariev monastery of 1729, Troitskiy/Trinity cathedral of 1752–1755 in Lutsk, castle and Lutsk gates of 1630 in urban settlement Olika, and ruins of Nizhniy/Lower castle walls of ХІV–ХVІІ centuries.

More than 200 ths. of material and spiritual culture monuments of the region are kept in museums.


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