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03 april 2012

Vinnitsa region

Square: 26.5 ths. sq. km.
Center of the region: town of Vinnitsa.
Nowadays territory of Vinnitsa region is divided into 27 districts.
Population of Vinnitsa region is 1 634.2 ths. people

Geographical position

The region is located in forest and steppe zone of right-bank Ukraine’s central part in limits of Podolskaya and Pridneprovskaya heights.


Vinnitsa region occupies 4.5% of Ukraine’s territory. It borders on 7 regions of Ukraine (namely, Kiev, Zhitomir, Cherkassy, Kirovograd, Odessa, and Khmelnitskiy regions). State border with Republic of Moldova by Dnestr river (202 km in length) is situated in south-eastern part of Vinnitsa region.

Transportation network

Main railway junctions: Kazatin, Zhmerinka, Vinnitsa, Vapnyarka, Kalinovka, and Rudnitsa. Motorway transportation is well developed. Freight and passenger navigation is carried out over rivers of the region. Center of the region is connected with other large cities of Ukraine by air.

Economic potential

Vinnitsa region features developed industry and highly-mechanized agriculture with noticeable scientific, production, and raw stock base.

More than 1,100 deposits of 30 different types of mineral resources, dozens of peat fields, as well as unique deposits of granite, kaolin, garnet, and fluorite were explored in the region. Curative springs of mineral and radon water in the town of Khmelnik were developed and operate in the region. With such priceless deposits of mineral resources, Vinnitsa region can occupy leading positions in their export to the CIS states and to the world market.

Vinnitsa possesses 12.7% of industrial potential of Ukraine, 2% of fixed assets’ value, and 2.6% of industrial output manufacturing.

39 sugar plants and 13 distilleries operate in Vinnitsa region. There is a good basis for processing of sunflower seeds and cereals. Vinnitsa region occupies the first place in the state by gross output of sugar and grain. Therefore it has real opportunities to become a major supplier of this output to the CIS and foreign states.

Powerful scientific and industrial sphere is characterized by presence of technical and medical universities, pedagogical and agricultural institutes, institute of regional economy and management, and branch of Kiev trade and economic university. In addition 28 educational establishments preparing junior specialists, vocational schools, and 20 state R&D institutes, design, and development laboratories operate in the region.

Nature and environment

The region is situated in Podolye (undulating plain). There are 320 objects of natural reserve fund in the region. Natural complexes of the region possess important recreational resources, in particular, favorable climatic conditions, suburban forests, and water objects. Resort Khmelnik was founded on the basis of radon waters and deposits of curative peat, and Nemirov resort was created on the basis of mineral springs. Development of cognitive, curative, ethnic, water, and bike tourism as well as hunting are promising for the region.

Climate is moderate continental with mild winter and warm summer. Average temperature in January reaches -4 ?С, and in July +20 ?С.

Historic and cultural potential

Town of Vinnitsa is located at Yuzhnyi Bugh river. For the first time the town was mentioned as a Lithuanian fortress in 1363. The following are the most interesting sightseeing objects: wooden churches of Nikolay/Nicholas and Yuriy/George (XVIII centuries), museum farmstead of surgeon Pirogov, complex of monastery buildings, etc. Fortified locality WERVOLF object, former headquarters of Hitler in Ukraine (1942–1944), is situated close to the town. Tulchin town houses palace of court Pototskiy (1757), the best example of classicism architecture in Ukraine. Town of Nemirov is famous by its unique palace and park complex of XIX century. The palace was built in neoclassic style and is located in the middle of picturesque park enumerating 80 kinds of trees and bushes.


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