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20 april 2010 14:40 53% of Ukrainians believe Ukraine not prepared for EU membership
Fifty-three percent of Ukrainians surveyed by IFAK international research agency believe that Ukraine is still not prepared for full membership of the European Union.

IFAK Ukraine Director General Serhiy Hovorukha said at a press conference on April 19 that another 50% of respondents think that Ukraine is itself seeking EU membership, whereas the EU does not want to see Ukraine as a member, UKRINFORM reports.

Respondents said that European Union countries were not trying to do all they could to advance Ukraine's membership of the EU (46% in case of the EU in general, 40% in case of Germany, and 36% in case of Poland).

A third of Ukrainians (31%) think that Ukraine's possible accession to the EU will worsen relations between Ukraine and Russia, 37% said that this would not seriously influence these relations, and one in ten Ukrainians said that Ukraine's joining the EU would improve relations between the two countries.

Around a third of respondents (28%) said that Ukraine would be able to create a free trade area with the EU within a year. Nearly the same number of those surveyed (30%) said that Ukrainians would be able to travel to the countries of the Schengen area without visas in a year.

The survey was conducted on March 12-24 as part of a project, entitled "Five facts about Ukrainians," in the cities with a population of over 50,000. The survey's margin of error is 2.5%.