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28 april 2010 11:48 Ukraine gets proposal from Russia on cooperation in nuclear industry
Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych met with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov in Kyiv on Monday, April 26, the presidential press service has reported.

Putin offered Yanukovych to implement a project on cooperation between the nuclear industries of Ukraine and Russia, which will include the unification of the spheres of energy generation, nuclear engineering and fuel cycle, and said that this project could be realized step by step. The Russian prime minister expressed interest in Ukrainian deposits and invited Ukrainian companies producing equipment for nuclear power plants to expand the market at the expense of Russia.

Putin also expressed readiness to provide the necessary assistance to Ukrainian nuclear power plants in their modernization. He also made a proposal on joint Ukrainian-Russian work on the market of electricity for third world countries.

Yanukovych expressed his interest in such a proposal, adding that the previous discussion of this issue had already been held at the level of the presidents of both countries at a meeting in Kharkiv on April 21. But then, Yanukovych said, the sides discussed cooperation only in the modernization of nuclear power plants. The president said that the proposal by the Russian side was attractive in terms of Ukrainian electricity exports.

He also noted that it would be interesting for Ukraine to build a plant for nuclear fuel production not only for domestic nuclear power plants, but also for third world countries.

"We have not only nuclear power, but also hydropower. And knowing your program on the modernization of Russian hydropower, we are interested in cooperation in terms of supplying Ukrainian equipment to Russian hydroelectric power plants," Yanukovych said.

"If the current experience of Ukraine and Russia is combined, there might be very interesting cooperation," he said.