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21 may 2010 12:58 Economic growth will make up 6% - NBU
The GDP growth in January-April 2010 can make up 5.8-6.0% against the same period of 2009 thanks to acceleration of a dynamics in the industry, Head of the NBU Chairman Advisors' Group Valeriy Lytvytsky believes.

"A relative worsening of agriculture and retail trade indexes (in April 2010) was covered with interest by indexes in the industry, construction and wholesale trade... By tentative data, the GDP dynamics may approach a level of 5.8-6% with taking into consideration an effect of the comparative basis that weakens," he said.

At the same time, he noted that a contribution into the GDP of the agriculture and retail trade is substantially less than in the industry, construction and wholesale trade.

Over Q1 2010, the country's GDP grew by 4.8 % against Q1 of 2009. At the same time, rates of industrial production renewal in Ukraine in April 2010 accelerated against the same month of the pre-crisis 2009 to 17.4% from 13.8% in March. On the whole, over four months of 2010, industrial production in the country increased against four months of 2009 by 12.6%.

The government calculated the state budget for the current year on the basis of the GDP growth by 3.7%.