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14 june 2010 09:45 Ukraine has received a Russian loan of $ 2 billion
In Ukraine on Tuesday, June 8, came to a loan of about $ 2 billion loan from Russia. This information revealed the multiple sources of information. According to available data, most likely, the money listed the country as part of a joint Russian-Ukrainian project on completion of two blocks of the Khmelnytsky NPP.

However, exact data about who specifically a creditor, no. We only know that the currency had already been credited to the government, substantially increasing the international reserves of National Bank.

At the moment, spokesman Vitaly Lukyanenko premiere this information does not confirm nor deny. He conveyed that talks with Russia for a large loan for the completion of KhNPP actually took place, although accurate information on a loan is not.

The press service of the Ministry of Finance on this matter also silent. And in the Ministry of Finance noted that the loan is at the state level has not been granted. At the same time, the agency admitted that the funds could make Ukraine Russian banks.