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28 november 2011 15:35 Scandinavia-fish in 2012 to build logistics center in Odesa

Scandinavia-fish LLC, one of the largest players on the Ukrainian fish market, is planning to build a new logistics complex in Odesa by late 2012.

"Currently talks are underway on the acquisition of a land plot of four hectares, where the new complex - with a storage capacity of 20,000 tonnes - will be located," the company's director general Dmytro Fartushny told the Center for Transport Strategy.

He said that investment in the realization of the project would reach some $20 million.

Scandinavia-fish Company was established in 1997. It is one of the leaders on the Ukrainian imported and wholesale frozen fish and marine products market. The company imports ocean and sea fish from several countries, including Norway, Iceland, the United States and Canada.

Scandinavia-fish has two of its own refrigerated logistics refrigerating centers with the total storage capacity of 38,000 tonnes: Arktyka in Kyiv and Green Line in (Zaporizhia region).