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14 august 2014 11:41 The 6th International Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Forum in Ukraine, REF-2014 Kyiv

The main event in the field of sustainable energy of Ukraine - the 6th International Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Forum in Ukraine REF-2014 Kyiv – will be held on October, 14-15, 2014.

The sweeping changes on the conventional energy sources market offer nowadays ample opportunities for investors to carry out renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in Ukraine. The feed-in-tariff for the wind and solar energy, small hydro energetics, biofuel power-station as well as legislative basis for projects targeted on substitution of gas for energy alternatives are developing unique facilities for the sector growth in Ukraine.

Recent geopolitical events demonstrate that energy efficiency and renewable energy is almost the only real way to enhance energy security of Ukraine, increase competitive advantage of Ukrainian products and provide uninterruptible heating and power supply to the citizens.

Apart from a highly topical programme covering more than 60 reports and presentations of the best industry experts and key market players, REF-2014 Kyiv will also run a branch exhibition where a variety of services and equipment from the leading companies both foreign and Ukrainian will be presented. A separate part of REF-2014 Kyiv exposition is named “Secure heating season 2014-2015” and will be related to the decisions, equipment and fuel necessary to guarantee a viable upcoming heating season.

The key idea of the enterprises activities almost in every sector of Ukrainian economy is to cut energy expenditure.

Over the last 5 years REF-2014 Kyiv has confirmed its status as a main event in the field of sustainable energy within Eastern Europe having summoned key players in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency as well as heads of state departments, engineers, producers and suppliers of technical solution and equipment; bankers and investors, best international experts and professional associations representatives in the quality of speakers, partners and participants, aiming to strengthen legislative and economic basis for projects development in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

There are following key topics for discussion on the Forum REF-2014 Kyiv:

  • New state policy in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • Implementation of sustainable energy projects in Ukraine in keeping with the EU association.
  • Energy efficiency and new energy solutions in industry: How to maintain or even ramp up the Ukrainian production in the context of gas shortage
  • Energy-efficient heating: modeling of the large scale substitution of gas heating for the electric one and opting for solid fuel and other alternatives
  • Energy-efficient lighting for industrial purposes
  • Renewable energy 2.0. Renewable energy sector and alternative fuel on the new stage of development
  • Future for feed-in-tariff for different sectors of renewable energy
  • Attracting funds to the projects in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency at the time of turbulence.

Separate sessions will be related to solar and wind energy. Such issues as substitution of gas by carrying out projects in the field of biofuel heating stations and CHP plants as well as leaving fuel pellets and briquets produced by Ukrainian plants in domestic market will be treated in details during the 6th Ukrainian Biofuel Forum that will be held within a framework of REF-2014 Kyiv on October, 15.

REF-2014 Kyiv is organized by the Innovative Business Centre IBCentre and Association of Alternative Fuel and Energy Market Participants of Ukraine АPEU in collaboration with the international association Energy Watch Group. Official support of the forum is presented by the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine,
Deputy group of the Verkhovna Rada "For energy independence of Ukraine".

REF Kyiv Organizing Committee:
тел.: +38 044 383 03 56
e-mail: ref@ibcentre.org