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29 september 2017 14:50 The outlook for the development of Ukrainian-Chinese relations were anticipated at the business forum

On September 19, 2017, in Kiev, the Ukrainian-Chinese business forum has been held organized by the Chinese Commerce Association (CCA) and Polish-Chinese Chamber of Investment. The forum was attended by government officials and businessmen from Shenzhen. Ukraine was represented by private and state-owned companies from various industries.

The participants of the forum discussed the current state of affairs in the Ukrainian-Chinese relations, practical aspects of building business links with China, and have identified the most promising directions of cooperation. The discussion has been centered around optical engineering, High-Tech, agro-sector, and logistics.

Those who attended the forum had the opportunity to receive detailed information about the city Shenzhen, how to do business in China, and benefits for the industry they work in.

Ruslan Osipenko, Executive Director of the CCA, introduced the participants, set the waypoints and the opportunities that are behind the Ukrainian-Chinese relations. While advocating for cooperation, Mr. Osipenko noted:” In order to increase investment appeal of Ukraine competitive industries must be reinforced, extensive cooperation should be in communications, infrastructure projects, logistics, renewables, mechanical engineering, the financial sector.”

Olga Shevchenko, the Department Head for International Relations of the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection, mentioned, that the bilateral relations between Ukraine and PRC bear the manner of strategic partnership, express the centuries-old tradition of friendship and cooperation between the two nations, which, in the last few years, as demonstrated by the increased turnover in trade and the range of products, in particular, of animal and vegetable origin.

Lyu Tszuyn, Counsellor for trade and economy issues of the Embassy of China to Ukraine, in his speech has drawn attention to the substantial potential of Ukraine and interest from the side of Chinese partners.

“In the short run, China perceives bilateral trade relations in agriculture. However, I see the capacity and potential in manufacturing, IT and in infrastructure. We will find common ground and mutual benefits”, Mr. Lyu Tszuyn noted.

Oleg Melnik, Deputy Director of SE DZI, introduced the state-owned Research & Information Center and explained how it can help the Chinese business in Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian market is open for Chinese businesses with vast possibilities. DZI monitors prices in international and domestic markets for commodities, goods, products, and services; provides help for companies in finding information, receiving the expert opinion, and consulting on commercial activities; supplies experts evaluation for companies and entities for their day to day operations. Our company can become a reliable information partner and lobbyist of Chinese business in Ukraine”, Oleg Melnik declared.

Oleksandr Pohiliy, Head of Ternopil State Administration, in his speech, stressed that the turnover between Ternopil region and PRC has reached 9.9 million US dollars out of which $9.5 million is import and $0.4 million is export.

“We are interested in business relations, in exchange of best practices to enhance our economies. The principal activity of Ternopil region is agriculture. Nevertheless, we are keen to develop alternative sources of energy, processing, and manufacturing. Ukrainian business has a variety of offers from investment projects to trade”, Mr. Pohiliy said.

After the panel discussions and official presentations businessmen held B2B negotiations giving more room to go into more detail as to future cooperation.

NoteChinese Commerce Association has been established on May 18, 2015, by the global Chinese companies working in Ukraine and with support from the Government of PRC.

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