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vul. Veteraniv Afganistanu 2A, of. 7, m. Irpin, Kyivska obl.
Rating of exporters
Commodity group code: 6406 (parts of footwear insoles, heel cushions gaiters, leggings and similar)
Rating of importers
Commodity group code: 9616 (scent & similar sprayers etc powder puffs & pads)
    Companies by commodity group code

25 - Salt sulfur earths and stone plastering materials, lime and cement
25   Salt sulfur earths and stone plastering materials, lime and cement (727 companies)
2501   Salt including table & denatured, pure sodium chloride sea water (65 companies)
2502   Unroasted pyrite (2 companies)
2503   Sulfur of all kinds, other than sublimed, precipitated or colloidal sulfur (18 companies)
2504   Natural graphite (19 companies)
2505   Natural sands of all kinds, except metal-bearing of position 26 (34 companies)
2506   Quartz (other than natural sands) quartzite (10 companies)
2507   Kaolin and other kaolinic clays (45 companies)
2508   Other clays, andalusite, kyanite, sillimanite mullite, chamotte or dinas earths (83 companies)
2509   Chalk (28 companies)
2510   Natural calcium phosphates, natural aluminum calcium phosphates & phosphatic chalk (5 companies)
2511   Natural barium sulfate natural barium carbonate not barium oxide barytes, witherite (21 companies)
2512   Siliceous fossil meals & similar siliceous earths of specific gravity of 1 or less kieselguhr, tripolite, diatomite (14 companies)
2513   Pumice; emery; natural corundum, natural garnet and other natural abrasives, whether or not heat-treated (10 companies)
2514   Slate, crude or roughly trimmed (12 companies)
2515   Marble, travertine & other calcareous monumental or building stone of specific gravity of 2.5 g per cubic santimeter or more alabaster whether or not roughly trimmed or merely cut, by sawing or otherwise, into blocks or slabs (10 companies)
2516   Granite, porphyry, basalt, sandstone & other monumental or building stone, crude, whether or not roughly trimmed or merely cut, by sawing or otherwise, into blocks or slabs. (62 companies)
2517   Pebbles, gravel, brocken or crushed stone macadam of slag, dross or similar waste (145 companies)
2518   Dolomite, calcined or not, roughly trimmed etc. (38 companies)
2519   Natural magnesium carbonate fused magnesia dead-burned magnesia other magnesium oxide magnesite (68 companies)
2520   Gypsum anhydrite plasters (consisting of calcium gypsum or sulfate) (24 companies)
2521   Limestone flux limestone & other calcareous stone used for manufacture of lime & cement (15 companies)
2522   Quicklime, slaked lime and hydraulic lime (30 companies)
2523   Cements..portland, aluminous, slag, supersulfate & similar hydraulic cements (63 companies)
2524   Asbestos (17 companies)
2525   Mica, including splittings mica waste (15 companies)
2526   Natural steatite, whether or not roughly trimmed or merely cut, by sawin or otherwise, into blocks or slabs talc (14 companies)
2528   Natural borates and concentrates thereof (whether or not calcined), but not including borates separated from natural brine; natural boric acid containing not more than 85 % of H3BO3 calculated on the dry weight (1 company)
2529   Feldspar leucite nepheline, nepheline syenite fluorspar (54 companies)
2530   Other mineral substances not specified vermiculite, perlite, chlorites, kieserite, epsom salts, celestite (68 companies)