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Number of companies in DB - 12386
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vul. Veteraniv Afganistanu 2A, of. 7, m. Irpin, Kyivska obl.
Rating of exporters
Commodity group code: 8479 (machines having individual functions parts thereof pavers, finishers, spreaders, ...)
Rating of importers
Commodity group code: 7228 (other bars & rods of other alloy steel angles, shapes, sections, hollow drilled  ...)
    Companies by commodity group code

40 - Rubber and articles thereof
40   Rubber and articles thereof (2051 companies)
4001   Natural rubber in primary form or plates balata, gutta-percha, guayule, chicle (20 companies)
4002   Synthetic rubber & factice from oils or mixed with natural rubber...in primary form or sheets, strips (123 companies)
4003   Reclaimed rubber in primary forms, plates, sheets, strips (11 companies)
4004   Waste, parings & scrap of rubber, (not hard rubber), powder & granules obtained there from (12 companies)
4005   Compounded rubber, unvulcanized, in primary forms, plates, sheets, strips (105 companies)
4006   Unvulcanized rubber in other forms and articles rods, tubes, profile shapes, discs, rings (18 companies)
4007   Vulcanized rubber thread and cord (14 companies)
4008   Vulcanized rubber in plates, sheets, strip, profile shapes (not hard rubber) (205 companies)
4009   Vulcanized rubber tubes, pipes, hoses (not hard rubber), with or without fittings joints, elbows, flanges (298 companies)
4010   Vulcanized rubber conveyor or transmission belts (256 companies)
4011   New pneumatic tires, of rubber (290 companies)
4012   Used or retreaded pneumatic tires solid or cushion tires interchangeable tire treads, tire flaps (94 companies)
4013   Inner tubes for tires, of rubber (37 companies)
4014   Vulcanized rubber articles for hygienic or pharmaceutical use nursing nipples, sheath contraceptives (63 companies)
4015   Vulcanized rubber articles of apparel & clothing accessories (not hard rubber) gloves, aprons (97 companies)
4016   Other vulcanized rubber articles (not hard rubber) floor coverings, mats, erasers, gaskets, washers, seals, inflatables, containers, handles (1023 companies)
4017   Hard rubber in all forms & articles thereof ebonite (10 companies)