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Number of companies in DB - 12386
Forms filled for last 7 days - 20
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vul. Veteraniv Afganistanu 2A, of. 7, m. Irpin, Kyivska obl.
Rating of exporters
Commodity group code: 7307 (tube or pipe fittings, of iron or steel couplings, elbows, sleeves, flanges)
Rating of importers
Commodity group code: 8529 (parts for television, radio and radar apparatus of 8525 to 8528)
    Companies by commodity group code

44 - Wood and articles of wood wood charcoal
44   Wood and articles of wood wood charcoal (1749 companies)
4401   Fuel wood in..logs, billets, twigs, faggots or similar, chips, particles sawdust & wood waste including pellets, logs, briquettes (359 companies)
4402   Wood charcoal, whether or not agglomerated (73 companies)
4403   Wood in the rough, whether or not stripped(or treated) of bark or sapwood, or roughly squared poles, piles, posts (276 companies)
4404   Hoopwood split poles piles, pickets, stakes (pointed not sawn lengthwise) sticks roughly trimmed not bent or worked, suitable for walking-sticks, handles etc. etc (14 companies)
4405   Wood wool (excelsior) wood flour (14 companies)
4406   Railway or tramway sleepers (cross-ties) of wood (36 companies)
4407   Wood sawn or chipped length, sliced or peeled thicker than 6mm, (whether or not planed, sanded, finger-jointed) (695 companies)
4408   Veneer sheets & sheets of plywood, sliced or peeled not thicker than 6mm, (whether or not planed, sanded, finger-jointed) (147 companies)
4409   Wood, continuously shaped (tongued, grooved, rebated, chamfered, beaded etc.), (whether or not planed, sanded, finger-jointed) (201 companies)
4410   Particle board & similar board of wood or other ligneous material, whether or not agglomerated (181 companies)
4411   Fiberboard of wood or other ligneous materials (191 companies)
4412   Plywood, veneered panels & similar laminated wood (125 companies)
4413   Densified wood, in blocks, plates, strips or profile shapes (14 companies)
4414   Wooden frames for paintings, photographs, mirrors or similar objects (6 companies)
4415   Packing cases, boxes, crates, drums of wood pallets & other load boards of wood (208 companies)
4416   Casks, barrels, vats, tubs, staves and other coopers` products & parts of wood (25 companies)
4417   Tools, tool & broom bodies & handles, shoe lasts of wood (15 companies)
4418   Builders` joinery and carpentry of wood, cellular wood panels, assembled parquet panels shingles & shakes (380 companies)
4419   Tableware and kitchenware, of wood (22 companies)
4420   Wood marquetry & inlaid wood caskets & cases for jewelry, cutlery & similar articles, statuettes & ornaments of wood, wooden furniture not 94.. (28 companies)
4421   Other articles of wood cloth hangers, dowel pins, blinds, toothpicks, skewers, paddles (189 companies)