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Commodity group code: 8421 (centrifuges filtering or purifying machinery/apparatus for liquids or gases part ...)
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Commodity group code: 4823 (other paper, paperboard, cellulose wadding cut to size & articles adhesive paper ...)
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8541 - Semiconductor devices light-emitting diodes mounted piezoelectric crystals parts thereof diodes, transistors, photosensitive semiconductor devices, photovoltaic cells
  Name Region
1 " SPIVDRUZHNIST ENERGO" LTD Zaporizhzhya region
2 "ALSO" LTD Dnipropetrivsk region
3 "ALTERNATIVE ENERGY" LLC the city of Kyiv
4 "AS DISTRIBUTION" LLC the city of Kyiv
5 "AS MANUFACTURING" LLC the city of Kyiv
6 "BIG-1" LLC the city of Kyiv
7 "BINOM SIMPLE" LLC Kyiv region
8 "BOLOHYVSKY SOLAR PARK 1" LLC Zhytomyr region
9 "BOLOHYVSKY SOLAR PARK 2" LLC Zhytomyr region
10 "BORKI SOLAR" LLC Kharkiv region
11 "ECO SOLAR STATION" LLC the city of Kyiv
12 "ECO-FOTURE "STARA USYTSIA" LLC Khmelnytskyi region
13 "ECOLINKTECHNOLOGY" LLC the city of Kyiv
14 "ECOSTOUN PRO" LLC the city of Kyiv
15 "ECOTECHNIC-TARASIVTSI" LLC Chernivtsi region
16 "EKOENERGOPOSTACH" LTD Khmelnytskyi region
17 "EKOTEKHNIK-VINIKIVTSI" LLC Khmelnytskyi region
18 "ELEKTROSERVIS-UZH" LLC Zakarpattya region
19 "ENEI SOLAR" LLC Ivano-Frankivsk region
21 "ENERGY-SW" LLC Zakarpattya region
22 "ENTER HALL" LLC the city of Kyiv
23 "ETL SOLAR ROOF" LLC Dnipropetrivsk region
24 "FENIX ENERGY", LLC Ternopil region
25 "FRANKO-SOLAR" LLC Ivano-Frankivsk region
26 "FRENA" LLC Ivano-Frankivsk region
27 "FRUCTUS SOLAR ENERGY" LLC the city of Kyiv
28 "GALSUN INVEST" LLC Ivano-Frankivsk region
29 "GOING SOLAR" LLC Lviv region
30 "GREENTECH" LLC Chernivtsi region
31 "GRIN ECO LINE" LLC Zaporizhzhya region
32 "HEPARD CARPAT" LLC Zakarpattya region
33 "HEPARD CARPAT+" LLC Zakarpattya region
34 "IEG" LTD Ivano-Frankivsk region
35 "IMEXSOLAR" LLC the city of Kyiv
36 "IMPORTBROK" LLC Odesa region
37 "INCOME-ENERGY" LLC Kirovograd region
38 "INGULETS ENERGO-2" LLC Mykolaiv region
39 "INTER SOLAR" LLC the city of Kyiv
40 "IRSHANSKA SES" LLC Zhytomyr region
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